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Symmetrical Drumming – A new way to learn and improve for drummers

For decades drum lessons have remained pretty much the same.  Learn to read drum music while learning to play with both hands and the right foot.  The problem for many drummers has been they don’t necessarily want to read drum music, they want to play by ear.  Also many drummers want to learn how to play with all 4 limbs to be able to play today’s more exciting and advanced style of drumming.

Power Drumming Canada has developed a system which addresses these 2 issues.  We call it Symmetrical Drumming.  Students are taught from lesson 1 how to develop all 4 limbs for maximum speed, power, control, dexterity and creativity.  We also incorporate accelerated learning techniques so students can reach their goals faster.  Although we do offer reading and writing drum music as an option, it is not required.  Modern music and in particular modern drumming has advanced to a point where the old style of drum lessons simply don’t fit the new style of drumming.  Drum lessons and practising should be fun and also move you towards your goals as quickly as you want.  That’s why all lessons are customized to fit each students’ abilities, progress and desire to become the best they can be.  We will even travel to you if that’s your preference.

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Our mission at Power Drumming Canada is to coach beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers to be the best they can be.

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Drum Kits – The options are endless for drummers

As drumming has progressed over the years, so has equipment.

In the early days a drum kit consisted of a kick (bass) drum, snare drum, rack Tom, floor Tom, hi hat and 1 or 2 cymbals.  Kits started to expand to 2 kick drums (or a double kick pedal), multiple toms, and numerous cymbals and percussion instruments including cow bells, shakers, wood blocks and so on.

The next big evolution came with electronics including triggers, loops, samples, electronic kits, drum pads and drum machines.  These options became common place in recording studios and so the great debate began-man vs machine.  While some viewed this as a natural progression in the evolution of drumming and an opportunity to enhance the drummers performance, others took the view that it was now programmers and not musicians making music.  The truth probably lays somewhere in between.

Many drummers have embraced the technology including Alex Van Halen (Van Halen) who incorporates electronic toms into his acoustic kit.  Some drummers even had 2 kits on stage (Steve Negus-Saga).  Electronics are routinely used in live performance to help re-create a studio performance or to fill out the sound.  Often electronic shakers are used as a click track to help the drummer stay locked in to the tempo.
Some interesting variations on the drum kit include Terry Bozios’ (Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck) monster drum kits, Bill Brufords’ (Yes, King Crimson) drum wall, and the percussion station (Pink Floyd) played by a second drummer.

As equipment and electronics continue to advance one topic is not up for debate.  Nothing will replace the energy, power and visual impact of a live drummer.  Our goal at Power Drumming Canada is to coach beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers to be the best they can be.

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A New Approach To Practicing For Drummers

To become an elite drummer you must put in the hours working on fundamentals, new skills and so on.

As a classically trained pianist and percussionist I put in countless hours working on scales, patterns and music theory.  Even though I had the opportunity to study with renowned teachers affiliated with world famous institutions, I realized from a very early age there had to be a different approach to learn an instrument which could be more fun, faster and with better results.

After spending years watching, studying and researching some of the best drummers and teachers in the world, I gradually began to develop a system that would accomplish the goals I identified as being important.  Lessons that were fun, effective, efficient, results oriented, challenging and interesting.

At Power Drumming Canada we call this system symmetrical practicing, focusing on all 4 limbs instead of just hands and the right foot.  Although being able to read drum music and charts is a valuable skill to have in your drumming toolbox, it is available but not required.

Our goal at Power Drumming Canada is to provide cutting edge products and services to help beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers become the best they can be.