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A New Approach To Practicing For Drummers

To become an elite drummer you must put in the hours working on fundamentals, new skills and so on.

As a classically trained pianist and percussionist I put in countless hours working on scales, patterns and music theory.  Even though I had the opportunity to study with renowned teachers affiliated with world famous institutions, I realized from a very early age there had to be a different approach to learn an instrument which could be more fun, faster and with better results.

After spending years watching, studying and researching some of the best drummers and teachers in the world, I gradually began to develop a system that would accomplish the goals I identified as being important.  Lessons that were fun, effective, efficient, results oriented, challenging and interesting.

At Power Drumming Canada we call this system symmetrical practicing, focusing on all 4 limbs instead of just hands and the right foot.  Although being able to read drum music and charts is a valuable skill to have in your drumming toolbox, it is available but not required.

Our goal at Power Drumming Canada is to provide cutting edge products and services to help beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers become the best they can be.