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A great bass player – Crucial for drummers

Regardless of the type of music you play a tight rhythm section is the foundation of a great song and a great band.

One of my favourite (and most skilled) bass players is Billy Sheehan (Mr Big). He approaches the bass like a lead guitarist and can shred with anyone. While his skills are off the charts, what also makes him great is his ability to know when to “serve the song” and when to step up and dazzle.

When you combine a great bass player with a great drummer you have a powerful rhythm section and are one step closer to creating something special. Often a great bass player will step up and fill in the sparse sound of a band when the guitarist takes a solo. In funk music the bass player is everything when creating those incredible grooves. When the bass and drums are locked in the effect can give you goose bumps. When songwriting and recording, if the drummer and bass player can work out killer parts that sync well together, the guitars, keyboards, vocals and post production can all be added to create a great song. Having a great bass player will also push a drummer to be better and to be able to appreciate the incredible effect of a powerhouse rhythm section. Too often bass players take a back seat when in my opinion they should be showcased and appreciated for the vital role they play.

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