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Recording Tips (Part 3 of 3) for Drummers


In part 1 we discussed before entering the studio (pre-production).  In part 2 we discussed the recording process (production).  In part 3 we will discuss after recording (post production).

Now that all your drum parts are recorded you have an opportunity to make small enhancements. These may include overdubs and/or studio magic.  This is the point where every drummer has to make a fundamental decision. Do I want to be able to reproduce the songs live myself without any additional help or do I want to work with technology to produce (in the studio and live) a hybrid of myself and technology including samples, loops, triggers, studio effects, etc.  This is a personal decision, although depending on the complexity of the songs the decision may become obvious. A great deal of the post production will be completed by the engineer including EQing and mixing. You may find EQing tedious and best left to the experts however mixing is something you may want to participate in, if only to give feedback after the initial mixes are done.  A word of caution-Pro Tools is the software used in most studios and offers endless possibilities for studio magic.  Don’t lose sight of serving the song. If used properly these options can truly enhance your performance.  If not used properly they can sabotage your performance and the song. Be flexible to other people’s ideas as they may improve on your drum parts and therefore improve the song.

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