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Getting Started – For Drummers

There are 3 main things you need to get started as a drummer: a drum kit, drum sticks and lessons.

Let’s look at these one at a time. The first decision you want to make regarding a drum kit is, do you want to rent or own. The second decision is do you want to start out with an acoustic or electronic kit. Both of these questions can be answered by dropping by your local music/drum store and asking questions and trying out different kits. Whatever you decide, start small. Get really good on a small kit before considering moving up to a bigger kit. The main advantage of an electronic kit is you won’t disturb anyone when you’re playing because you’ll be wearing headphones. The main advantage of an acoustic kit is they can be less expensive than an electronic kits. The question of drumsticks can also be answered at the music/drum store as they should have a large selection of sticks. Try different thicknesses, weights, wood or nylon tips, etc (nylon tips give you a brighter sound on the cymbals. When you find the right pair of sticks buy an extra pair as drum sticks break and get worn down from rim shots.

Now that you have your kit and sticks the best advice I can give you is take some lessons. It will accelerate your learning and you won’t pick up bad habits by trying to teach yourself. Find a versatile teacher who will work with you to achieve YOUR goals. Does he/she insist on learning to read? Will they travel to you? Do they teach the style of music that interests you? What is their drumming experience? Consider a more mature teacher who posses more skills, experience, knowledge and insights than a young teacher will have. Finally, find a teacher who will allow you to progress at your speed, whether that may be fast or more slow and steady.

Power Drumming Canada coaches beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers to be the best they can be.

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