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Practice Tips – For Drummers

The golden rule for practicing is consistency. It’s better to practice 10 minutes every day than 3 hours once a week. We learn through repetition so as you would expect, the more often you practice the better you will become.

Here are some other ideas which you can incorporate into your practice schedule:

1) Each practice should have a goal to accomplish. Start a list of these goals and start your next practices reviewing your previous goals before tackling a new goal.

2) Start each new skill slowly and only add speed when you have it down cold.

3) Consider drum lessons – this alone will accelerate your skills more than you can imagine.

4) Record yourself to identify areas which need extra attention.

5) Use a metronome to check your meter is dead on.

6) Use energy, concentration and have fun.

7) Be patient – the more difficult the skill the longer it will take to perfect it.

8) Occasionally play along with your favourite songs and try to master the skills displayed. You will benefit from songs of various speed, complexity and styles.

Power Drumming Canada coaches beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers to be the best they can be.

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