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Showmanship and Tricks

When performing live or shooting videos being able to add visuals to your drumming can have a significant impact on your overall performance. These can include pyrotechnics, stick twirling, lighting effects, etc.

A few suggestions…

  1. Focus on becoming a solid drummer before adding tricks to your arsenal.
  2. Don’t over do it. A few well placed and well executed visuals have a much stronger impact than too many.
  3. Make sure you’re not distracting from your drumming performance.
  4. Great visuals aren’t necessarily the most difficult.
  5. Keep the audience in mind when designing your performance as opposed to a workout for your own ego.
  6. Practice as much as you can to be able to execute the tricks flawlessly.
  7. Research as much as you can to uncover as many tricks as possible.
  8. One of the hallmarks of a great drummer is to come up with original ideas. This also applies to showmanship and tricks. (Eg. an idea I had many years ago was to individually light each drum with a trigger. Playing in the dark each drum would light up as it was hit. You can imagine the visual impact this would create, especially when playing fast.
  9. Showmanship and tricks are great but if you don’t have the chops to go along with them, they are pointless. I’ve seen some great drummers who didn’t do any tricks but delivered a superb performance.

My suggestion is to become a great drummer, then consider adding showmanship and tricks.

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