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Developing Creativity

Everyone is born with different levels of creativity. Some people have never tapped into their creativity and don’t know how to.

For drummers, creativity is something which can not only improve the quality of your playing but it can also make playing more interesting and challenging.

Here are some tips on how to add creativity into your playing:

  1. Listen to different styles of music (eg. blues, jazz, progressive, etc.) 
  2. Listen to different drummers. 
  3. Watch documentaries and instructional programs from top drummers. 
  4. Meet with other drummers and compare ideas. 
  5. Take drum lessons focusing on creativity. 
  6. Learn about different percussion instruments. 
  7. Learn about drumming in different cultures. 
  8. Practice your skills in different orders each practice. 
  9. Devote certain practice times to just trying out different ideas.
  10. Devote time to focusing on certain parts of the drum kit (eg. snare only, hi-hat only, etc.) 
  11. Construct a drum solo or several solos (see previous blog).

Power Drumming Canada coaches beginner, intermediate and intermediate and advanced drummers to be the best they can be.

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Benefits of a Drum Coach

In a previous blog I discussed the mistake rookies make by trying to teach themselves. This mistake is also made by intermediate and advanced drummers.

First let’s look at beginners. Having an experienced coach right from the beginning will help you avoid wasting time, developing bad habits and playing without a plan or direction. Building a strong foundation is critical if you want to become an elite drummer. Trying to learn from books, videos, online, etc is not the best way to learn as you miss the immediate feedback and corrections. For intermediate drummers it is common to hit a wall where advancing to the next level seems impossible. Knowing how to overcome these plateaus and how to re-energize your playing are critical to moving to the next level.

For advanced drummers there can be numerous reasons for working with a drum coach including advancing individual skills, overcoming plateaus, techniques to motivate, correcting bad habits, refining technique, etc. Consider that Neil Peart (Rush) hired a drumming coach after already establishing himself as one of rock’s great drummers. Consider that Tiger Woods hired golf coaches after establishing himself as the #1 golfer in the world. One of the major advantages of hiring a drum coach is objectivity. Is is very difficult to evaluate your playing objectively while you are playing. Even if you record yourself you may not know how to correct your playing and technique. 

For drummers who want to become highly skilled and maybe even earn a living drumming, hiring a drum coach may be the smartest investment you’ll ever make in yourself.

Power Drumming Canada coaches beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers to be the best they can be.