Showmanship and Tricks

When performing live or shooting videos being able to add visuals to your drumming can have a significant impact on your overall performance. These can include pyrotechnics, stick twirling, lighting effects, etc. A few suggestions… Focus on becoming a solid drummer before adding tricks to your arsenal. Don’t over do it. A few well placed […]
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Rookie Mistakes – For Drummers

There are several mistakes which many beginners make that can easily be avoided. 1) Try to teach yourself. This is a huge mistake as you don’t have the knowledge, experience or objective feedback necessary to progress. 2) Try to learn online. Although this has become popular for some students, this method doesn’t give you the […]
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Overcoming Plateaus – For Drummers

At some point you will hit plateaus with your drumming. There are two areas to consider in order to overcome plateaus. The first one is skills. Hitting a plateau from a skills perspective is relatively easy to overcome. Here are some suggestions: set new goals, vary your practices both in terms of length and frequency, […]
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Practice Tips – For Drummers

The golden rule for practicing is consistency. It’s better to practice 10 minutes every day than 3 hours once a week. We learn through repetition so as you would expect, the more often you practice the better you will become. Here are some other ideas which you can incorporate into your practice schedule: 1) Each […]
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Constructing a Solo – For Drummers

The most important advice for drum solos is keep them short and have a plan. The following example is a blueprint (plan) to help you create a winning solo. If you lack experience and/or skills, I would recommend waiting until you have something exciting to offer. Firstly choose your favourite beat and between 5-10 of […]
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Equipment Tips – For Drummers

Some drummers find it useful to keep a checklist for supplies and maintenance of their drum kit(s). Sticks-keep a good supply of your favourite sticks handy for recording or playing live. If you notice cracks or severe wear grab a new pair. Cymbals-use a good quality cleaner-especially when playing live or if you are being […]
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