Building Your Dream Kit – For Drummers

The number of options when building your dream kit are endless. Factors that should be considered include the type of music you play, your skill level, your budget and your creativity. Music genres such as blues, jazz, bluegrass, etc don’t require a large kit as the primary role of the drummer is to keep time. […]
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Keeping Practice Fun – For Drummers

One of the most important aspects of improving is keeping your practices fun. Here are some suggestions: Create a playlist of your favourite songs and play along – this is very effective as a warm up to your practice session. Create a second playlist of songs you would like to learn and/or you find challenging. Record yourself and identify […]
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Developing Speed – For Drummers

Modern drummers often play with extreme speed either because the music genre they play requires it or it can be used as another tool in their drumming toolbox. Speed can also be used in circumstances such as drum clinics, instructional videos, drum solos and showmanship opportunities. If your goal is to develop speed in your […]
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Recording Tips (Part 3 of 3) for Drummers

In part 1 we discussed before entering the studio (pre-production).  In part 2 we discussed the recording process (production).  In part 3 we will discuss after recording (post production). Now that all your drum parts are recorded you have an opportunity to make small enhancements. These may include overdubs and/or studio magic.  This is the […]
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Recording Tips (Part 2 of 3) for Drummers

In part 1 we discussed getting ready to go into a studio. In this part we will discuss tips for the actual recording process. When you book a studio you normally have an engineer assigned to your project and maybe also a producer. The engineer is the most important person in the room so make […]
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Recording Tips (Part 1 of 3) for Drummers

Before setting foot in a recording studio there are 3 things you need to have prepared: Your drum parts, your equipment, and yourself.  Studio time can be very expensive so you want to have the songs rehearsed and your drum parts worked out.  For a week or two prior to recording, practice your drum parts […]
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