Developing Creativity

Everyone is born with different levels of creativity. Some people have never tapped into their creativity and don’t know how to. For drummers, creativity is something which can not only improve the quality of your playing but it can also make playing more interesting and challenging. Here are some tips on how to add creativity […]
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Benefits of a Drum Coach

In a previous blog I discussed the mistake rookies make by trying to teach themselves. This mistake is also made by intermediate and advanced drummers. First let’s look at beginners. Having an experienced coach right from the beginning will help you avoid wasting time, developing bad habits and playing without a plan or direction. Building […]
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Building Muscle Memory and Neuro Pathways-For Drummers

When a drummer first starts playing the notes are very uneven, beats and fills are nearly impossible and the brain and limbs aren’t working together. This is because there is no existing muscle memory or neuro pathways in place. There is only one way to build these vital links and that is through repetition and […]
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Showmanship and Tricks

When performing live or shooting videos being able to add visuals to your drumming can have a significant impact on your overall performance. These can include pyrotechnics, stick twirling, lighting effects, etc. A few suggestions… Focus on becoming a solid drummer before adding tricks to your arsenal. Don’t over do it. A few well placed […]
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Rookie Mistakes – For Drummers

There are several mistakes which many beginners make that can easily be avoided. 1) Try to teach yourself. This is a huge mistake as you don’t have the knowledge, experience or objective feedback necessary to progress. 2) Try to learn online. Although this has become popular for some students, this method doesn’t give you the […]
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Overcoming Plateaus – For Drummers

At some point you will hit plateaus with your drumming. There are two areas to consider in order to overcome plateaus. The first one is skills. Hitting a plateau from a skills perspective is relatively easy to overcome. Here are some suggestions: set new goals, vary your practices both in terms of length and frequency, […]
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