Personalized Drum Lessons in Toronto

Do you dream of being a famous drummer one day? Do you enjoy drumming but want to fine-tune your skills? Turn to Paul Cooper of Power Drumming Canada Inc. for customized drum lessons in the Toronto area. Whatever skill level you're at, we're eager to help you become the best drummer you can be.

Our Services

At Power Drumming Canada Inc., your skill level and interests determine what we teach you. Here are the basics of what we offer:

  • Lessons on 55 piece drum kit or Roland electronic drum kit
  • Off kit and on kit training
  • Drum music reading and writing
  • Strength and conditioning
  • In home recording
  • Songwritting A-Z

Additionally, all our drummers learn the revolutionary method of power drumming. This method helps you use all four of your limbs to give you the best in speed, control, creativity, power, and dexterity.

Each lesson is $30 dollars for a half hour or $50 dollars for a full hour.

We are happy to accept all ages and all skill levels. In addition, we come to your home if you're within a respectable distance. Otherwise, we offer a learning facility that is clean and respectable.

If you want, you can invite a friend to sign up with you and enjoy each other's lessons. A group lesson provides you with fresh insight and inspiration.

  • Drum lessons, home recording lessons, songwriting lessons and strength & conditioning lessons available in Toronto & surrounding areas

Our Qualifications

Your coach, Paul Cooper, has over 50 years of drumming experience. From extensive education to relevant radio, video, and studio experience, he has the skills and expertise to teach and train you on whatever you desire to learn about drumming.

Are you ready to become the drummer you've always dreamed of?  Call or text (905) 718-5906 or email to learn more or sign up. Space is limited, so don't delay!